Subscription packages for our ped and clothing assets for use on your own fivem server are listed below. 

To get all ped/clothing assets in a single subscription please see 3D Asset Bundles

For individual standalone assets please see Ped Standalones.

Multiplayer Ped Faces Pack

10.00 USD

yes45+ New faces for mp freemode ped
yesAdd-on package (replace optional)
yesRemastered vanilla textures
yesFull face blend and features customization


ONX Mutliplayer Ped Faces Pack includes 45+ new ancestor models to blend and create unique characters. Blendable with existing vanilla faces, full facial features customization and remastered textures for the vanilla head models


Government, Police & EMS Clothing Pack

20.00 USD

yesHigh quality, fully optimized
yesLore Friendly
yes8 Departments
yesHighly customizable, mix and match


ONX Emergency Clothing has been built with complete plug and play customization in mind. From mix and matching base uniform colors independently of department/unit identifiers to having completely optional insignia, service stripes, patches and much more.


This is a subscription add-on pack with optional replacement vanilla skin textures. Vanilla replace packs are also included. All face/head models come with fully optimized meshes, LODs and textures.